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on the subject of shoes

>couldn't keep them on) 4 months ago. He has low heels and grows alot of toe
>inbetween trims, 

Hi Paula:

I have a horse that has horrible feet.  (I'm even admitting it publicly!)
<G>.  I consider my farrier nothing short of a miracle worker for keeping
Weaver sound and from losing shoes!  I've had to work thru some of the same
problems you are mentioning, plus others.  It has taken quite a time to get
the horse where he is now, and he still has feet that suck.  I asked the
farrier if he thought we could pull shoes for the winter (mainly to keep me
from riding him - haha), and he said no.  It'll destroy his heels.  So I've
gotta keep him shod. (actually his feet are light years ahead of where they
were a year or two ago - probably as good or better than most but not how I
hope they'll end up)  

I would suggest talking over your horses situation with your farrier, maybe
even get a second opinion.  My other horse (Rocky) had the long tow, low
heel thing going too - before we ever started him or shod him, and the same
farrier at that time chose to come and trim him every two weeks to get the
feet where we wanted.  I think it took six months before he was ready to
put shoes on.  So in one case, I had a horse that the farrier wanted to
work on before shoeing, and another horse that we don't want to pull the
shoes off of - guess every case is different.  

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Weaver....2,455 miles 
& Rocky :))...packing for Death Valley! better be warmer
down there!!  

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