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Re: heart rates & recovery


Your experiences are consistent with mine--you're just not, for the most part,
building lactic acid (or an oxygen deficit) in your works. We have to see
heartrates in race horses in excess of 210 to get the kind of 60-90 second
plateau I'm talking about--at least plateaus that occur above 100.

Successive readings on the HR monitor in that case might look like this:

210, 195, 178, 162, 148, 140, 134, 124, 120, 122, 120, 119, 117, 115, 114,
114, 113--that 120-122-120 would be the "plateau". In our experience, we want
to be working racehorses so that we get a plateau that is between 105 and 125
as we perform multiple intervals. Any plateau above 130 suggests that today's
workout is over. Any under 105 suggests that we are doing nothing useful in
terms of racing preparation.


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