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Pulse/heart rate --real newbie question

I have a real newbie question.  Last summer I got hooked on the idea of
endurance riding during a ''fun'' ride.  When we vetted in the numbers were
48/48 and after a very conservative ride ended up being 56/56.  I had been
in a minor car accident and was restricted from riding  for 6 weeks prior to
this ride and he was a little ''pudgy'' having been out on pasture leading
the life of Riley.  Any comments, good, bad or indifferent?  Also, I had
assumed he was about 15 years old, and was told by the vet he was in his
late teens.  Yiiiikes.  He doesn't know it, and I haven't told him, but
would that have any bearing on it?

Really hate to bother the group with this at this time of year.  I really
want to say Merry Chirstmas to all--and thank all of you for the wonderful
information I've got from RideCamp.  Hope to meet some of you on the trails
this coming season.  Gay and little Buddy.

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