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Re: ears

In a message dated 12/23/98 7:05:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< It's been pretty cold here lately (-20 F) and I was wondering, if you can't
 bring your horse in, how do you keep his ears from freezing???

As long as they are dry, they do just fine.  Have had horses out in as low as
-50 (northern Montana several years ago) and as long as they got warmish water
to drink at least once a day, lots of feed, and had a windbreak, they were
just as happy as if they had good sense.  Have been down to -9 here in the
recent cold snap, and have had at least three subzero nights--all my guys are
out, all have luxuriant winter hair coats, most of my mares are on free feed
hay (big bales) and the rest get an extra slice at each feeding.  They are
doing just great.  They have figured out what time of day I do warmish water
detail, and come trooping over for a good swig before it becomes ice water.


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