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horse that crabs

 A horse that "crabs" in one direction only will end up 
>unsymetrical in the shoulder. 

I kind of wonder about this.  My old horse who was extremely sound (1500
miles with only one pull, NO lost time lameness) crabbed badly.

Recently my neighbor's blue tick coon hound got loose and decided to go
on a conditioning ride with me.  I was amazed how much like an endurance
horse he traveled.  From the side he had a nice floating trot.  In the
rear he trotted wide, but definately crabbed.  These dogs are made to go
great distances (usually just so they can get GOOD and LOST).  Wonder why
the tendency to crab has been bred into them.  You don't see it much in
my Australian Shepherds, or their equine counterparts, the stock breeds.


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