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Re: Winter weather & Christmas

Dear Angie,
     Standing temp of Zero, when I woke up this morning.  That's right, we had
NO temperature, here in Grand Blanc. <G>  I'm STILL unable to work up much
sympathy for you Southerners . . . <BG>
     But I can wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!

Trish & pretty (cold) David!!!

<< >     I'm trying to work up some empathy for y'all but it's gonna be 
 >difficult:>actually-feels temperature down between -20 to -45. 
 Alright.  Ya'll have shamed me into going outside (where it's 64 degrees
 today) and saddling up Kaboot.  I had planned to give him until after
 Christmas off...but if ya'll are riding...surely I should be.
 After a month off it felt like slipping on a comfortable shoe to get on
 Kaboot again.  I've been riding the new horse. I warmed him up by walking down the shoulder of the road, I
 pondered on what a nice quiet 9 year old horse I have pleasant
 the weather was...that I was glad I rested good life is...
 Then...I turned back towards HOME...
 WHOOAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Turbo boosters kick in...HUGE trot,
 pulling nose down and shaking head side to side to fight for the reins. 
 Breaking into canter, fighting back down into rediculous HUGE trot....
 Motorcycle comes by (he's never notice one in his life) had to wheel him
 into a circle as he tried to bolt with his rear end tucked under him...
 Now I pondered on why I've never taken him out of a snaffle bit...whether
 my life insurance is paid up...whether I told anyone where I was
 going...just how bad we would wipe out if he shied out onto the road.
 We topped the hill and during the 10 minutes since we'd ridden by here
 about 20 cows had wandered out into the road.  Kaboot REALLY hates cows. 
 Soo...I pondered on the feeling of a horse winding up like a 9 day clock
 underneath me.  I managed to keep him facing the cows and through really
 explosive snorting Kaboot managed to "blow" them back down the road and
 into their own field.  The little girl by the road asked me what was
 wrong with my horse's tail.  I looked back and it was curled in a tight
 "Spitz" position up over his back.  He took one more BIG breath and
 snorted again and she ran back a few steps looking alarmed.
 Now I am pondering doing the Hallelujah 100 Feb. 27!
 Angie McGhee & Kaboot
 Wildwood, GA

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