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Re: heart rates & recovery


I have MANY times years ago, seen horses allowed to "go on" WITH
higher than we now accept heart rates and nothing else seemingly
wrong.  ALL of them got into SERIOUS trouble.

The heart rate tells you what's going on inside.  Listen to it. 
KNOW what your "normal" rates are and HEED the warning when it is
NOT what you normally get.


Glenda R. Snodgrass wrote:
> > Yes I think some of them would be definitive, and a couple would be relatively
> > easy to achieve. What the paper said was that heartrate recovery was not
> > definitive--not close, as far as actual recovery and readiness to go on is
> > concerned. So, if that's a primary criteria, then why not substitute something
> > else, rather than passing a horse that can't go on or holding a horse that can
> > go on?
> I may be speaking out of my depth here, since I'm still new to endurance,
> but I don't think a horse is ever pulled or passed based on the heart rate
> alone -- lots of things are checked (hydration, muscle tone, temperature,
> gut sounds, impulsion, attitude) and the horse's condition judged on the
> cumulative indicators.  I think heart rate is most often "quoted" because
> that's the only truly objective measurement that is readily available --
> 12 beats in 15 seconds is 12 beats in 15 seconds no matter who's counting,
> whereas the other indicators are more subjective, and require more
> experience to judge.  Accurate and objective measurement of other
> parameters could certainly be useful, but I can't imagine that any you
> mentioned would be considered definitive to the point of replacing heart
> rate as a baseline, if for no other reason than that the average rider
> cannot avail himself of this information on training rides, and thus has
> no way to judge condition and preparation.
> Glenda & Lakota
> Mobile, AL
> AERC # M18819 & H27310
> SE Region

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