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Re: heart rates & recovery wrote:
>  After a hard race or workout, CK in the horse will climb to 250-350, so
> running elevated CKs would suggest muscle damage. 

It would be interesting to see what happens with prolonged, submaximal

> Cortisol normals have been
> established and used for markers of physical or emotional stress. 

The emotional stress in the beginning of a ride is rather high (!), and
is certainly dependant on the experience of the horse.  This might be
very useful for those who haul a long distance to a ride as a pre-ride
measurement.  (Use it to plan how aggressive to be at that event.)

>Glucose normals also exist, but I don't know how they play out in an endurance horse
> in terms of recovery.

That's when we need to extrapolate Roger's two rat research to a
population of endurance horses at lots of rides.

How these labs play out in endurance recovery is the critical question
in my mind.  Endurance is so very different than other equine
To get the equipment accepted, you would have to get rides/vets to use
the equipment in conjunction with current methods to verify "normal"
values with the traditional observations that they are using now. 
Concurrent introduction would also help with vet and rider acceptance of
the technology.  As with anything, cost would play a factor.
> It is good that the other parameters you mentioned are being used.

Have you ever considered attending an endurance ride in your area to
observe the vetting and rider's management of the horse?  It would be
interesting to hear what you notice with trained eyes from "outside" the
mainstream of the sport.  (ie you aren't so tied in to one viewpoint
that you couldn't consider new ideas.  I hear that you are good at
looking at improvement from non-traditional avenues.)  :-) 

Lastly, I have to wonder if we are looking to fix something that isn't
broken?  If we identify he normal values, use them, and see no
improvement over traditional methods of monitoring the horse, we are
only adding a level of complexity.  Pesonally, I welcome new stuff if it
improves the safety and riding, but I want to keep as simple as

Linda Flemmer

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