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Re: Leatherwood Ride, April 3, 1999

Hi Leigh,

Abbie and I rode and selected the trails we will be using.  Although we do
have some steep trails, we will be utilizing Joe Town which consists of flat
logging trails.  We tried to limit the steep switchbacks.  We have two 12.5
mile loops and may change the last loop of the 50 a little.  We sent info to
the SERA about two weeks ago but have not heard anything back.  If you know of
a contact which may help expedite the sanction it would be appreciated.  I'll
have the ride forms finished and ready to send out next week.  Abbie drafted
me to be the ARM so contact me if you need anything.  I have ridden a couple
of endurance rides but have pit crewed quite a few including JD's ride three
times. Thanks for pitching the ride.  We are real excited about it and if all
goes well and riders like this area we are planning on adding a 100 in the
fall. This ride will be limited to 55 total riders so its important to reserve
a spot.  Also because of limited pasture space we are requiring that all
horses be stalled which will be included in the ride fee.  If you have
questions please feel free to call me or Abbie.

Phil Rash
Spirit Of The Mountain Farms

Abby Smith

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