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Leatherwood Ride, April 3, 1999

 << Hi there - what's the terrain like?
 At the Leatherwood ride: The terrain is rocky, hills and some steep mountain
sections. Don't know exactly which trails Abbie has selected to use, but not
much flat land there.  She did tell me that she was going to use as much flat
land as she could, but it can't be too much, there isn't much flat there. It's
not all that tough, like compared to Old Dominion or the old Edgemont
Challenge.  The area is in the foothills, but still lots of steep areas.  I
would condition on hills as much as possible, use a breast collar, pads, and
possibly a crupper.  Beautiful camping areas, very good barn/stalls, luxury
cabins for rent at reasonable prices esp. if you get several folks to rent

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