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Goethe ride story/sore knees

 My knee was aching, my shoulders & back 
>from the morning's crow-hopping exercises, and my thighs were 
>"no more posting!!!" 

Yeah Glenda!!!!
 Congratulations.  Your enduro-virginity is history. >beg<

Sounds like you did a great job.  Just a tip on the knees thing.  If your
knees ache, lengthen the stirrups.  The faster I go the shorter I wear my
stirrups.  You really need to hit the top of that posting motion every
time with a fairly straight leg (but without tip-toeing) to keep from
getting sore. 

 If the horse slows down, lengthen the stirrup.  You don't need to post
as high and you'll use different muscle groups.  I remember singing
"Jingle Bells" in May to take my mind off my sore legs before I learned
this.  Now they're not even sore after 100.  I know it's not all
conditioning...because if I come home with my stirrups at "competition
height" and don't lengthen them for his slower training trot, my legs
will get very sore on a training ride.   Any readjusting of the stirrup
length up or down will be a relief to the over-worked muscles. 

Angie McGhee & Kaboot
Wildwood, GA

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