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RE: DVE I'm coming!!

In response to Becky's message:

To Ridecampers going to DVE:

Well, the plans have shaped up for the drive from Chicago to DVE.  I leave
tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. (have to avoid Chicago rush hours)!  Pray for good
weather for me.  I don't want to get stuck somewhere.  I'm taking the
southern route to hopefully avoid bad weather.

I won't be checking E-mail messages after Monday, so I won't be able to
find out who will be there.  So, I hope all of you who are there will come
over and say hello.  Again, I'm in a green F150 stepside, with a white
Merhow two horse bumper pull trailer.  My girl Pye is a little bay mare.
I'm 5' 5'' with light brown hair.

Look forward to seeing everyone!!!

Alisa Waxman

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