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Re: Hind end nerve damage?

>Hi again,
>Unfortunately there is no vet school near me, nor anywhere I can get
>Well, after numerous discussions this is what I have so far:
>Best case: nerve impinged from a fall (but no soreness what-so-ever)
>Other:     EPM (but I'm in Canada and it's been cold since Sept.)
>           a neurological type of rhino virus
>Any more considerations would be appreciated!!
>Well, I'm back to the barn.
Kerri -- I've had recent experience with both EPM and the neurological type
of rhino virus.  If you would like me to send my www bookmarks on the info
I found in my search to learn more about them, please email me personally
and I'll be happy to forward the list.

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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