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Hind end nerve damage?

I was hoping someone could help me out or point me to where I could find
out more information. Anyone heard of this problem??

My horse can't lift his hind right leg forward and just drags it. It
seems that he is also having the same problem to a lesser extent with
his left but it may just be compensation.

He was fine this morning, but when I brought him in tonight he seemed to
be dragging his hind leg. The vet did lots of tests on him and never
elicited any pain. She pulled his leg out and all around and he just
stood there. He can't even walk over a small board with either hind leg.
When she pulled his tail he is unable to return pressure and she could
have pulled him over. When turning in small circles he just bumps his
legs to try to get around without realizing where they are.

The vet put him on bute and two weeks rest and said to cross my fingers.

This is the first time he has even been lame (4yr old gelding).

Thank you!

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