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WEC horse discussion

The posting below needs some additional information:

It was Dominique Freeman's horse, I think his name was Jur Prize but not
positive about that---I'm not going to pass any judgments beyond noting
that this was the same horse that crashed metabolically at Tevis, I
believe had to spend some time at UC Davis afterwards, just a few months
before.  I happen to remember because when we were there, we watched the
horse being walked all day with ALOT of fluids being run into him.  So
I'm personally puzzled as to why this horse was sent to UAE, but I'm
not  the owner or a vet.

Susan G


The start list of the WEC shows starting horses of On a High, Rumson,
and Fadjurs.  Jur Priz was not there if the listing is correct.
On a High finished at 26th and Rumson at 38th for the Brazilian team.

Fadjurs did not finish and is the subject of the discussion on ridecamp.

At Tevis - Jur Priz did indeed have a serious problem and was pulled 
at Dusty Corners.  I believe he is the horse Susan is discussing as
being treated at UC Davis.  

Susan - can you confirm this?

Fadjurs was also pulled at Robinson.  I do not believe he is the 
horse Susan mentioned above.

On that basis - I don't think the conclusion above applies. But both
horses are from Dom's group.  And it is indeed tragic when a horse
dies as a result of our competition. At least one horse died as well 
from the 1996 WEC.

They give us everything in competing.  It is very sad when something 
like this happens.  I wish there were some way to avoid it.

Mike Maul
W/CT Regions

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