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UAE and ROC and Kansas

Hi Teddy;
In response to your rumor about the UAE/USA treatment at the ROC in Utah.
Since I worked with susan at that race and "invited" the UAE, I was thrilled
that their team could join the event. Becky Hart leased one of her horses to
the Sheiks' son Rasid. The horse did not pass the pre-vet check.  We did
"politely" ask a couple of people who had extra horses and found a nice
horse for Rasid to ride. Rasid was extremely grateful that he has a chance
to ride after travelling so far.  The team from the UAE was very, very
polite and (since none has ridden 100 miles) eager to learn.  Mohamed ali Al
Shafar rode my horse Omner and finihed 10th looking very good.  As for
Kansas, we has a great time with the UAE team and the Shiek  felt like part
of the team. He was very kind and a pleasure to be around. I feel they have
come a long was since their first introduction to endurance (although I
think they would do well with a dressage class). Happy Trails(around the
world), Beverly Gray

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