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No more so than when a northerner visits the
>south & southerners think they are rude because they are always in
a>hurry>& talk so fast.  Or when a girl from Tennessee (me) goes to
Boston on>business & everyone wants to hear me >talk -- about anything --
because >they>"just love the way I talk".  Both of these perceptions &
actions are >rude>IMO because we >are stereotyping people that are not
like ourselves.

To each his own.  I'm another Tennessee girl, and love to be asked to say
something, "because they like to hear the way I talk".  Think about it,
these poor people have been exposed to Hollywood's version of the
Southern accent so much, they need to hear the real thing.  Lynda Corry
says I sound more like Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner's Daughter than
Scarlett O'Hara.  That's O.K.  Sissy's cool.  

The only thing that gets my dander up is when a Yankee doesn't know the
difference in a Redneck and a Southerner and seems to think the two are
interchangeable.  Believe me, Southerners are used to allowing for "Major
cultural differences in speech and manners".  So...what do you think? 
Should all international competitor's be Southern?  :-)  

Just wondering, why do people in the Northeast have an "R" on their
keyboard?  They don't have one in their vocabulary...they drink "watah" 
drive a "cah" to go to the shop to buy "lobstah". >eg<

Finally, a warning, it can be dangerous to travel between the north and
south too.  My brother asked a waitress for "a little ice" and almost got


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