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Re: BC and other nice stuff

ALL the TT horses that wanted to show BC -were 'pre-judged' by a small
panel of fei vets.
IF the horse did not trot sound..they were asked not to show,

Flicka did not present  as stated scratches and i think short-- i
suspect sore from the stride changes due to the scratches.

Jedi  was short and maybe a bit off on the sand abcess foot. but
appeared to be a bit muscle sore to me.. i need to look at the tapes

That sand caused a type of gets into the foot and since it is
salt or alkine.. an abcess/infection forms  not a stone bruse  but a
very small abcess.. 

Jedi was 'fixed' with treatment prescribed by the vets -etall and the
team shoers.. he rode with the EQ sneakers

as did Cash and Patty's Sam-- who also had a foot problem.

the horses that tied up.. Sam and Ram  did great.. looks like getting
the problem early on and getting the fliud flushes and what ever else
was done to get them out of trouble..did them a lot of good..
like an oil change??
 i think Sam was a bit worse..but looked great to me after I got there.

good vetting from Dr Nancy Elliot and I am sure help from Dr Jim

but you should have seen them both on FRI am.. I saw RZ -- very nice
--lots of bounce and very sound. nice trot
Darla did a great job.. I told them after the ride -I was not sure if
they would get around.. but was very glad to see RZ in such great shape.
SHe and Terry did a super job.. Darla does not laugh much  a bit
reserve.. but I got a big smile from her then..

Patty took great care of Sam.. he looked super all day long. Saw him
walk out in the AM  very loose.. Jennie would not trot him - Tony wanted
to but -- no trot.. i assume he was sound.. just looked very good.

i did not see Dusty in the am.
nor did I see Crusader  but was told he was ok.. heal burse..

Roger R

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