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Re: Air Freight and Teddy

I am looking for a good, not a very BAD lawyer if you know what I

  No, my shipment did not arrive until after everthing was said
and done and it is still there.  Not only did I lose sales, not
only did I lose the contacts with 40 countries, not only did I
spend a great deal of money to get there and back,not only did I
let down a BUNCH of riders who in advance asked for products they
needed and which did not arrive but I lost out on an opportunity
that will not present itself again in my life time.  This was a
spectactular event, not without flaws, but nonetheless, a golden
opportunity for not only myself, but for the many riders who
would not otherwise been able to attend and may very well never
be able to attend again.

Now I am faced with the horrible dilemna that I spent almost all
I had to buy enough to ship to the UAE and have nothing left to
restock with and my inventory is still in the UAE...Christmas is
upon us and I cannot ship many of the items I normally could.

As I said above...know a VERY good lawyer?

Teddy wrote:
> Teddy......
> Did your stuff ever arrive at the WEG?  The ridecamp list was rattling about
> your shippment not arriving on time.
> leigh

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