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Death Valley Encounter Horse?

This morning I had a phone call from an old friend in England,
demanding that I go down to Las Vegas to see her when she
visits there the first week in January.

I had absolutely no desire to go (Las Vegas and me aren't a
good match), and when I found out how much the flights were, 
even less... 


She flies in on January 1st - the day after DVE and it's only 
3-4 hours drive I started plotting... 

...what if I happened to go down there a couple of days early? 
Hmmm... maybe I could catch the last day's ride? Hmmm...

I've always wanted to do DVE - I love that area of the country -
but I knew that Provo wasn't ready for this sort of undertaking 
as yet.

I flashed off an email to Karen Chaton and, what d'you
know? Golly, it's true, people! she really *has* put Weaver 
away for a holiday this time. I tried a'weepin and a'wailin,
to see if she lend him to me, but she just didn't budge. Sigh. 
Worth a try, though.

So, with all this in mind, and the fact that I'll be, well,
flopping around the Death Valley vicinity on 31st, is there
anyone going to this ride who would consider bringing along
a horse for me to ride on the last day's 50?  

I plan to set off from Sacramento on the morning of Wed. 30th,
so hope to get to Panamint before dark. I'd be planning to ride
conservatively (wimp that I am), so I'm not going to run the legs
off any horse - I'm much more concerned with trying to complete
a ride with a modicum of good manners, than in the shortest time

<sob> ...otherwise, I'll just have to drive all the way to Las Vegas
for *nothing*...    :(
Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA

with Mouse and Provo

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