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On Sun, 13 Dec 1998 13:13:25 -0500, carl meyer <> wrote:

>(2) Anyone hoping to make the team must weigh less than 186.
>(3) In order for everyone in the sport to enjoy at some time the joy of
>being choosen are having the opportunity to be choosen for the team  the
>minimum weights of qualifying races will have to be adjusted.
>Let it be stated as of now that I have no bones to pick --------I just
>want to see everyone in the sport have a chance to enjoy the same
>opportunities in these qualifying races.

Sorry, Carl, but you're wrong.  The trend in the sport is in the other
direction, as even the Tevis has dropped weight requirements.  You cannot show
any evidence that heavier riders are at a disadvantage in either the selection
process or the race.

>P.S. Joe Long, I offered you 2 to 1 that the US TEAM would not beat the 
>Australian team and 10 to 1 that the US would not take the GOLD.Only one
>person in the whole ridecamp took up the 10 to 1 bet. Where is the   
>confidence factor in our organization when only one person out of 3-4
>thousand would take the bet.I can't believe this . It seems that we more
>endurance experts than we have endurance experts that are confident in
>their handicapping  ability to judge horseflesh in terms of racing.

I have an e-mail from you offering 10-1 that the U.S. would not beat the
Australians.  I was very tempted, because I knew what great odds I was getting
-- but declined, not because of any lack of confidence in our team, but because
basically I'm not a gambling man.  At least not on things beyond my control.


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