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Re: Awards Ceremony

Considering some of the more extreme elements in the mid East, she is
luck that it was only booing. Sad but true It's a good thing 
none of our ladies understand their language as I'm sure lots of of
nice things were said about them.
Oh come on, ya'll aren't being very culturally understanding.  I 
remember when Maggie Price quoted the headline when our all women team 
won in ...was it Italy?  It was something like "LasAmazonos Americanos" 
or something like that.  
Think about it, some poor fellow has had it drilled into his head that
he's better than women...then he gets beat...women CAN'T be better than 
he thought, so he must be much worse than he's supposed to be.  Could 
require counseling...maybe even viagra to get over it.
Give'em a break.
Hi Angie and ridecamp;
 I'm so glad the military gave me some do's and do not's classes of 
Turkish cultural while I was there. Like try to blend in with the Turks. 
I think it saved us a few times.  Those poor guys I know they can't help 
thinking that they have it all but I'm glad we're around to put them in 
their place every now and then. I'm just so glad that I was born in the 
USA and not in some of the places I've been too. Some people just don't 
know how lucky they are. Don't get me wrong; I loved Turkey; and being 
there; it's a beautiful place; and very interesting. Just very blessed 
to have been born here.  
 Just hope the guys getting counseling don't do it in the US, could 
really be hard on their ego having a female doctor fixing their head 

Julie A. O'Neill
214 E. State St.
Mascoutah, Ill. 62258
I love riding my horse!

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