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 Money can not buy the hunger that wakes the 
>competitive spirit at 4am and drives them day after day, year after 
>year to success.  Money cannot buy World Wide respect and recognition 
>of a sport or an individual. 

I loved your post and mentioned it to Nina Warren last night when we were
talking.  It reminded me of a write-up that was in TrailBlazer after she
won the World Championship in Holland.

The interviewer wanted to hear about this incredible race she'd just run
in front of the whole world...instead, she talked about Cash's most
incredible race...

It was in Mississippi, and Valarie riding Cash was neck and neck with
Nina Warren on Desert Ballad and Melissa Crain on Whoa Jack.  Nobody
witnessed it but the 3 riders...Nina made her move and took off wide open
with 10 miles to go in a 100 miler...Melissa went with Valarie
did too.  She said it was the most incredible thing in the world...they
RAN the last 10 miles.  I remember figuring up the times and thinking
they were doing something like 20 second furlongs or something rediculous
for the end of a 100 miler....wish I could remember how fast they did it,
something like 35 minutes or something insane.  Valarie thought it must
have been short, but since it was all dirt road they drove it and
measured it the next wasn't short.

Think about it, those were three of the top horses in the world...all
three had won the Race Of Champions,  all three had competed
internationally, the riders were three of the best we've got...they were
going wide open, risking a relatively unknown ride in 
Mississippi.  I guarantee you they all three tried to win it with
everything they had...for what?  Well, I'm not sure, I think this year's
winner got a plastic bucket and a director's chair (value about $12).  

This was the sort of race that people dream of seeing...and only three
people saw it.  And you know what?  They'll probably still act that way
even after winning this huge purse.

Isn't this a great sport?

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