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McClellan saddles

Hi all...
I am having a terrible time finding another McClellan saddle.  I have
been riding in one since I started endurance this year and don't think
I'll ever be inclined to switch.  However, my trial saddle was bought
used and very cheaply from a local guy and I want ANOTHER BETTER
one....I fear this one may not survive next season's campaign!   I
recall seeing one offered for sale by some company in a magazine that
has walked off by itself from this house (presumably in the company of a
teenager).  I think it might have been a Western Horseman.  Anyway, if
anyone can give me the name of a company that sells McClellans, the Lord
will bless you and I will praise your name!  Thanks!
P.S.  The beet pulp experiment has gone nicely and is now an official
part of our feeding program (we ordered a half ton!).  Thanks for all
the input and advice!

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