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Turning a Race Horse into an Endurance Horse

I recently purchased a four year old pure Polish, Arabian gelding who was on
the race track for a year.  He appears to be a great endurance prospect.  I
was curious if anybody out there could relate their experiences in turning a
race horse into an endurance horse.  Tips, mistakes, advice, etc.  I'm
somewhere between rookie and experienced (been riding NATRC & endurance for
five years).  My current horse is 13 and going strong, so I don't have to rush
the new guy into  competition.  He gets to have lots of LSD, dressage, etc.
He is with a professional trainer right now to put a good whoa on him, get
worked every day, and generally settle down from the track stuff.  I'd
appreciate any advice that comes my way.  Thanks!  I'm loving Ridecamp!!

Sylvia, Harca, & Star (the new kid)

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