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Stupid saddle question

Hi, all,

  I haven't had much time to do more than download ridecamp, so I've been away
from it for awhile. And, I'm not a dues paying member of AERC, yet, so I
haven't read the rulebook...
but the other day, while riding, a thought struck me (ouch..)
Is it required to ride in a saddle while competing on a Ride?

Apparently I am going through a phase..I had Jordan's shoes pulled, took the
snaffle out of his mouth and put him in a mechanical hackamore, and haven't
taken the saddle off the rack in six months. Riding bareback for six months
has improved my seat tremendously, made Jordan so much happier, and drives my
oh so properly attired and conservatively tacked barnlord right around the
bend. She goes absolutely bonkers when she sees us out banging around without
so much as a BIT!!

And thus the question hit me, if I were to compete, would I have to ride in a
saddle? A saddle is handy for toting things, like sponges and packs and
Has anyone ever competed bareback, and is it legal to do so?
Michelle and Jordan

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