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Re: stall runner

> In a message dated 11/25/98 8:43:51 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << Ok, call me stupid, but I can't see how turning a horse out in a
>  paddock during the day is going to make him "loose" his training? 
Or is
>  it necessary to keep him wound up and nervous in a stall to make
him run
>  well?
>  tracy >>

I didn't think Carl meant it 'lost' training, it just costs more.

I can believe that it will cost more to keep a race horse this way,
particularly if you are paying someone to look after it and train it
and it's not on your property.

1. Rent has to be related to square footage. So 24 hour turn out in a
big paddock, even if shared with some other horses has to be more
expensive in rent.

2. Man-hours goes up too. Our horses are turned out 24 hours unless it
rains and the paddock gets too slippery for humans to go wandering in,
then they come down the hill to the barn next to the house. Cleaning
and feeding takes less than half the time when they are in the barn
than when they are turned out.

3. Also increasing man-hours is the extra time it takes to go out
there and fetch a horse everytime you need to do something with it,
like vet visits, ferrier visits, feed supplements and grain (either
you have to fetch it to a stall to make sure it gets the supplements
and not some other horse or you have to nose bag it and wait for it to
finish) and ride.

4. You also spend more time removing dirt and mud from the horse.
Since track horses are probably mostly clipped, you probably need to
spend extra time going out to blanket the fella too.

The cost adds up.
Nicco Murphy - Poway, San Diego, CA

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