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DUBAI - infos found in UAE Newspaper

UAE endurance site likely to be permanent

By A Sports Reporter

Faisal Seddiq Secretary General of the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation
(second from right) addressing a press conference along with Fritz Burkhardt,
Technical Advisor, Jim Bryant, Murshid Al Shamsi and Dr. Sulaiman Mousa Al
Jassem. ęGulf News. 
 Abu Dhabi - Plans are afoot to make the site for the World Endurance
Championship to be held here on December 10 as the world's first permanent
Endurance Ride Centre. The area between Ghantoot in Abu Dhabi and Sayh Al Salam
in Dubai, where the 160km ride will be held, will be retained as a permanent
centre for Endurance Rides, which is one of the fastest growing sports both in
the UAE as well as world-wide.
"The entire ride trail including the main centre where the time gates and vet
gates will be accommodated is situated in the middle of the desert giving it the
unique desert flavour. With the success of the previous rides held here
including the Federation Equestre Internationale, FEI Rides, this centre has
emerged as the most ideal for endurance rides," said Faisal Seddiq, Secretary
General of the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation.

Meanwhile, the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation officials are working round
the clock to get the ride site ready for the biggest event in the FEI calendar.
Faisal Seddiq and Trails co-ordinator Fritz Burkhardt visited the site yesterday
to keep track of the progress. "This desert area will be transformed into a
virtual village. This championship will definitely go down in endurance history
as one of the best. We are introducing some of the best facilities which will
make this event a torch-bearer for future endurance rides," Faisal Seddiq said.

"All amenities will be provided at the ride site including restaurants, media
facilities, sponsors chalets, veterinary clinics, for the convenience of both
participants and spectators alike," Faisal Seddiq said. The site will have three
spectator stands, two located on either side of the finish line and one inside
the vet gate area to ensure spectators can view the proceedings as the horses
enter, rest and exit from the vet gates.

"A large screen will beam the ride to ensure spectators at the ride site can
view the entire race with comfort. In addition we will have TVs at various
points providing live coverage of the event,▓ he said. Date palm trees will be
planted to provide the perfect desert atmosphere with traditional towers being
erected at the main entry and exit points. The surrounding areas of the ride
site will be lit with special-effect lighting.

There will be a total of 22 time gates which will facilitate the entry of equal
number of horses at one time. After having entered through the time gates, 24
vet gates will be ready to accommodate the runners for the vet checks. A modern
media centre will ensure scribes can send reports and pictures from the site
itself. Over 300 journalists from the international, regional and local press
will be covering the event.

ETISALAT will be on hand to provide all communication links and will also be
providing special boosters to ensure better reception in the desert area. 

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