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stall runner

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 19:26:20 EST
Subject: Re: T3, stall runner
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In a message dated 11/25/98 3:52:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, Leigh331

<< This question begs to be asked.....Why can't you turn out this stall
running racehorse?
 Leigh >>

We're figuring out a way. You can't just turn him loose in the swamps
that are
our paddocks this time of year--he'll hurt himself and/or suck off his
(and some foot with them).

But we have a huge covered arena--that will be his halfway house.


Carl writes;
I am on both ends of the racehorse business and turning out costs the
owner a lot of money(me,for instance),one reason to make some kind of a
tentative diagnosis . You realize that turning out a horse that is
racing can lose for the owner up to three or four months of training
bills,which relates to New York @ $85-100 /day,Chicago @ $75-90/day.
Where are you turning out ?????Florida or South Carolina swamps.
On the other hand, if this horse has been doing this for years and has
been winning , why try to fix what's making money when so many don't
make money. If he/she was in my stable and was making money it could run
around the stall all it wanted to,that is until it stoped making

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