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Fwd: What a response. baking soda

Here is a forwarded message from my friend that is giving the baking soda &
the reason behind it.  Thank you for all of your responses.  She will be happy
for more input.
Carla Jo Bass

---- Begin included message ----
The reason I am giving him baking soda is his kidneys are not pooling
(holding his urin)?  It was in one end out the other, loss of weight and
condition .  Anyway within one week giving him the baking soda you could
see a marked improvment in him.  Ribs, hips not showing as much, hair
better looking, and not peeing every hour on the hour or so.

Carla you can pass this on if you want and thank everyone for their quick
response.  Thanks  Nicki

---- End included message ----

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