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stall runner & Baking Soda

Maggie I have several Diabetics on the products who swear that it's is 
the reason they no longer require  shots daily.  Matter of fact I can 
put you in touch with several Doctors that swear by the stuff.
>Do be sure to check with your doctor FIRST before starting any 
>programs!  I started one and subsequently discovered I was diabetic...I 
>also hypertensive but the rep assured me that was no problem!  Well, my
>doctor had a fit and I was ordered off of it right away when he found 
>just be safe before starting any programs like that... by the way, I 
>lost about 5 # during the month I was on it though I do admit my energy 
>improved...I think that was partly because it was early summer and I 
>been increasing my riding routines...

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