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As a "repotted English person" maybe YOU
can help.

Since I started riding "English" my Arab wants
afternoon tea.  Should I give him biscuits with it?

John and Meshack (VT)
-----Original Message-----
From: Lucy Chaplin Trumbull <>
To: John B. Ayers <>
Date: Friday, November 20, 1998 6:24 PM
Subject: Re: WEB SITE

>> Will those of you who have done it please email
>> me privately about your experiences and what
>> software you used or would recommend.
>Hey John
>If you download Netscape Communicator, it has a nice simple
>built-in tool, called "Composer". You can more or less use it
>like a word processor, adding text formatting and images and
>Although interlaced gifs look kind of nice (those are the ones
>that sort of unblur onto the screen little by little, as they
>load), jpgs are much smaller, so save more space (which is a
>real problem when you want to put *everything* on the web, the
>way I do <grin>).
>If you find yourself lost with web stuff, there's a good book
>called "Teach yourself HTML in A Week" by Laura Lemay - that
>has everything you need to know - including the nuts and bolts
>that you may lose sight of by using software like Composer. It
>gives you all the background of how all the commands work, so
>that you can better understand how the whole thing fits together.
>Also check out the web for HTML commands.
>Another tip, if you go to a page and you like what they've
>done there, then click on "View Source" and it'll give you
>the code as to how they did that - you can copy it, inserting
>your stuff into the meat of it. It's also useful, looking 
>at the source pages, so that you can better understand how
>things happen.
>In designing a page, remember that people are using all sorts 
>of size screens and fonts, so try to avoid designing something 
>that only looks good in one particular shape. Keep it simple, 
>avoid all the stupid bells and whistles that do nothing except 
>to annoy the reader because they have to wait for them to download.
>Preferably, make little thumbnails of pics, and link the larger
>pic to that - that's really reader friendly, for people with
>slow links.
>Avoid complicated tables if you can - these are still abit peculiar, 
>and you can end up getting really messy because they don't do 
>what you programmed them to.
>I like to have a kind of "index page" that shows everything
>on the site, then people can just plop down in there and find
>what they're looking for.
>I also add a <mailto:> at the bottom of all
>my pages, so people can get to me easily if they want. 
>And I like to leave a counter at the bottom of each page too, 
>so that I can see how many people are looking at a particular 
>page - you might ask your internet provider if they have any 
>counters you can stick on your pages.
>*And*. I also have a code that can be used that updates the
>date you last updated the page - so you can keep track of
>when you last added to a page (again, I got this from my ISP,
>so yours may have something similar).
>Can't think of anything else. Except feel free to email me if
>you get stuck and I'll try and help.
>Hope some of that rambling helps.
>* * *
>Oh, one other thing. Did you get an answer on your polarfleece
>rump rug question - as to whether they needed to be waterproof
>or not? I wanted to know the same answer...
>Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
>Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA 
>with Mouse and Provo

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