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Re: stall running

In a message dated 11/25/98 12:02:08 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Tom,I would run some Cerebrospinal fluid tests as well as free T4,TSH
 before ruling out tumors of Central nervous system upper brain stem and
 or hyperthyroidism associated with pituitary tumor.>

We're going to turn this horse out and see if he settles down, but if that
doesn't work, then what are the diagnostics for these tumors?
>Correct me if I'm wrong,but don't I remember you as a graduate student
 working out of U of Michigan on a physiology grant at Northville
 racetrack back around 1965-66-67 close to those dates.>

Nope. I was still playing music that far back. Came into racing in the early

> I would think protzoan, aberrant strongyle or some exotic cause if the
 CSF shows anything ,hyperthroidism far out on the limb.
 Carl >>

yes, we can get some preliminaries on EPM, just to cover all the bases.


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