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<<  It seems that it is now believed that ulcers are actually
 caused by a bacteria which is spread by flies.  Maybe that
 is another reason why stall-bound horses are much more
 liable to develope ulcers.  

Sorry, there is no evidence that horses develop ulcers from Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that does cause 
ulcers in humans, dogs, cats and cheetahs. It has been looked for in horses and cattle but not found. One must 
be very careful of extrapolating things between species.
The association with stall-bound horses has to do with the normal eating habits of horses. When left without food 
in a stall, the stomach pH drops dramatically. This doesn't happen in a horse that is outside grazing all day. Dr 
Mike Murray from Virginia has published on this effect.

BTW, for everyone who fussed at my friend Jerald for not wanting to wear a helmet:
You've got to remember that we're in Canada, where we all get free health care. It's pretty sorry care and 
Canadians never see the bills so they don't have a clue what health care costs are.

Also, Jerald and I and the toxicologist went to the Agribition together in the town of Regina (big agricultural fair) - a 
3 hour drive from Saskatoon. I let Jerald drive my nice car cuz it's a really boring drive, and I rode in the back seat - 
and after everything y'all said to him - I wore my helmet just in case!!! :-)


Trisha Dowling, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM & ACVCP
Associate Professor, Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B4
306-966-7359/FAX 306-966-7376

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