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Re: T3, stall runner

In a message dated 98-11-25 01:31:38 EST, Tivers writes:

<< By the way--have an interesting problem some of you may have an answer for.
 TB racehorse in training. Runs around his stall all day long. Shows a T3 over
100 (last reading 128). Can't maintain weight and is catabolic--despite eating
everything put before him--and we put a lot before him (don't want to cause a
lot of heart attacks by saying how many pounds of grain he consumes).
 Is this hyperthyroidism? If so, what do you do about it?
 ti  >>

Can't say that I have any answers, but I would likewise sure be suspicious of
hyperthyroidism!  Have heard it said that hyperthyroidism doesn't happen in
horses, but have heard likewise about hypothyroidism, and I darn sure know
that I see those.  What would he do without the grain?


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