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From: leah 

hi all,
I own a 12 year old anglo arab, he is gelding. I have been competing in 25 CTR and 40 mile endurance rides for the past 2 and half years. But lately his sabble has been causing small lumps to appear under the front of the saddle. The saddler said that it was due to the right withers having less muscle than the left withers and the saddle leaning. He has very been in to a schooling arena in is life, as i do all his schooling such as half halt, turn on the forehand, turn on the hunches and transisions while out hacking. 

So after having three months in a 56 acer field to recover i decided to school him in an arena. To say it calmly he changed from being a very responsive horse who went on to the bit naturaly and was well manured, In to a horse who throwed is head up in to the air, bucked and ran away with me.

This chaged when i took him to a near by field, where he turned back in to a responsive horse and went back on to the bit naturaly ! 

Can anyone give me advice on why this happened

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