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Re: Sears Whoo Ha

Now THAT'S what I call GREAT service from
Sears..Where do you live?  Do they make house
calls all over the USA?


Vaccari wrote:

>  Last month I had something minor wrong with my
> 18 year old Sears freezer, which I have always
> kept under warranty.... upon calling repairman
> out, we decided to be efficient & have a
> warranty check on all my appliances.  Thinking
> this wud b one person.  Welllll... its a
> different one for each appliance.  At least they
> were all the same day, soon I was tiring of
> giving directions to my home & house...(the
> living area is elevated over the garage, barn,
> (endurance related, aka ER), & shop to the range
> man, the freezer man, the garage door opener
> man, the washing machine man.  The range man was
> leaving as the washer/dryer man was driving in
> so I figured he'd tell the guy to go up to the
> upstairs area.  But he didn't.  When he
> finished, he called me & told me he was
> finished.  Knowing he had not been up, I said
> ""You're finishe??!!!" Yeah  he responded, it
> was that washer/dryer there in ur garage (near
> stalls ER), wasn't it???  I paused a moment...
> he had been working on an old unit I bought for
> $150 to wash horse blankets & stuff in. (ER)
> Never worked good either.  But they weere
> Kenmore, (sears brand).  He went on to say, he
> had put a new motor in the dryer & lots of new
> stuff on the washer.   Great I said... first
> time they've worked good since I got
> them.However... the joke is on me, as Mother
> Nature drown both of them in the flood at my
> house last week.... wonder if I can get Sears to
> work on them again if they've been sitting in 2
> feet of water for 5 days?

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