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RE: Snowball fight '98/'99

Good for you!!  I wanted to have a "Snow Sponging--Never Miss
Clinic" here in N VT in Jan.  Angie will NOT go north of the Mason-
Dixon Line in Winter.  Maybe you could run it????

Well, only if it's after hunting season!  I got bells, reflective leg bands 
(horse and self) and a bright fluorescent orange vest and my hubby says 
he's gonna try to find something else for me to do in the next two weeks! 
 So, I was looking at Arabian ads on the internet and he finally said I 
could take Scooter out if I only go on roads and not in the woods!  Think 
if we offer Angie and her Texas friend a horse on loan that they'd compete 
with me in January???  (I'm a Texan who married a Vermonter!  LOL )  I know 
it could be a long trip for Kaboot!

I had a good three-hour ride Thurs., but the Flu bug caught up with

Obviously, you weren't riding FAST enough!  :-0     :-)))  Amazingly 
enough, since the grandkids moved to Colorado and California, I haven't 
caught any diseases!  I think that all day care places should be 
"Clorox-ed" with greater regularity!

Do you have a Laptop to carry on the horse?  Better stick with
REAL snowballs!!

Actually, I have a laptop with a "docking station" no less!  (Hubby works 
for IBM...)  But, I think I like REAL snowballs better!  Am unpacking ALL 
my winter gear now.  This is making Scooter and Tatezi very nervous........ 
 I  got new EZ Boots and will attempt to make them fit!  (Also got the 
"studs" for them!)  Wait till the girls see these new shoes!

By the way, ran into Roger R. at the Equine Affaire.  I got a new heart 
rate monitor.  I used it for the first time and IT WORKED PERFECTLY!  (I 
 had a problem with the previous one and slammed it against the barn wall 
which didn't exactly help it work!  also, I think my grandson made off with 
the wrist-watch part! Good thing I only loose patience with inanimate 

Well, let me know if Angie wants to come up to "cool off" and perfect 
snowball fights on horseback!


PS  Are you and Meshack going to the January Thaw ctr ride?  Feeling just 
sassy enough to think about actually trying it this year!  (Don't tell 
Scoot - I haven't brought it up with her yet!)


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