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Jerry & Carl

  "So for you hot shot westerners who
> think you know sand  and humidity all I can say is bull shit.  Jerry"

"Sending FW's is as close to professionalism as one can come but
> >sending high country horses that historically have raced poorly in the
> >east is adding mustard to the cake. JUST WAIT OUR TIME WILL COME!!!!!
> >Carl

I don't know about the rest of you guy's on ridecamp but I'm about fed up
with these guys and their bitching about the team selection ! We should all
be supporting these team members to the best of our ability's ,they have
all worked extremely hard to be on the team and I just think that it is a
bunch of bullshit to keep  tearing them apart and saying that they can't do
it ! If you guy's think that you can change the selection commitee for the
better by being on it , then by all means go for it and give it a shot .
But try to be adult about  this and leave the current team alone , how
would you feel if it was YOU on the team , your hopes , the belief in you
knowing that your horse had a hell of a chance at helping bring home the
team gold and someone else just kept publically bashing you ! I really
doubt that you would like it , so just knock it off !
                       Drin & Bo
                       S.W. Mt. ( where we know what "mountains"are !)

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