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Re: Tall horses

Gay,.. Give'm heck  I agree with you 100%.  I have been the recipient of 
many horses over the years that were owned by unappreciative people.  
And I'm love it!

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>I'm 5' 4', so am in between as far as riding size mounts go.   I've had
>other horses that were small and some tall, but it was never the size 
of the
>animal that determined whether I liked them or not.  When you plan on
>spending a long time on horseback, its pretty important to like the 
>back you're on.  I bought little Buddy, who's 14 hands, from a horse 
>about 2 years ago, and have never looked back.  He has --well, he's 
>of--a wonderful ground covering walk and is a real little mountain 
>So, where is this all going except to brag about how wonderful the 
>jarhead is?  Well, by coincidence I found who the previous owner was 
>contacted her.  Why did she sell him?  Because everytime she would meet
>others to go riding they would say--here comes Sharon on that little
>pony--and she's just 5 feet tall.  So,she let others tease and 
embarrass her
>into finding another horse.  I'm glad they did--in a selfish kind of
>way--but don't try it on me.  I don't care if he's a pony or a high 
>edition, he's my boy and that's the way it is.
>Gay and sweet little Buddy

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