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RE: Nat'L Geo Tevis Video

Hello Marilyn & Toni
 Whooo,.. I'm really getting a lot of requests for this video.
Perhaps I better go to a discount store and buy some blanks.  I'll do 
that and let you know the cost.

Incidently, Marilyn, you mentioned that you are a runner.  The trail for 
the Western States 100 mile one day Run is right here too.  It is really 
a great challenge.  I did that in 1982 and consider it the hardest day 
of my life.  

  I have a copy of the video and I can't sell (it belongs to
 Nat Geo TV.)it but I would be happy to mail you one if you pay
 for the cost.  I guess the cost of a blank plus mailing would 
 be ok.  It really is a cool program.  I could add a few cool 
 shots of Tevis at the same time I guess.  
 Could make it even more interesting.

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