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Re: new NW ride update; endurance TV

Yea!  Another possibility!  It's nice to finally see some rides being ADDED
and not being taken away!  I was born in Sandpoint although I don't remember
it much then, :-), but its a GORGEOUS area!  If the dates work out right,
I'll be there!
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Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 10:21 AM
Subject: new NW ride update; endurance TV

>We are hammering out details of a probably 15 pleasure-training/30 LD/50
>endurance ride in way northern Idaho... looks like it's a go!  If it does
>well, we intend to add more mileage options in future years.  It will be at
>Schweitzer Mountain ski area just outside of Sandpoint ID, located along
>highway 95 approximately 50 miles south of the B.C., Canada border.  We've
>already been cautioned not to make it too tough or the riders won't come
>Dates being considered are Sept. 11th or 18th.  (The open AERC ride date we
>wanted in August is being used at Schweitzer for a mountain bike race.)
>have a dirt parking area with plenty of room for any type of rig.  Lots of
>water via hydrants and hoses, they have to manufacture snow some years.  We
>will probably have vet checks in camp, easier on vets, staff and crewless
>riders.  Schweitzer will have the lodge open for use and will cater our
>dinner even!  Question-- is the dinner fee usually included in entry fees?
>Or, for catered dinners, is it a separate fee?  What are representative
>and for what kind of food?  (the facilitator is talking about prime rib...
>We have a head vet lined up and after our next meeting, next week, will
>for AERC sanctioning.
>Re the Tevis segment on National Geographic Explorer, I'd like to see it
>I've emailed TBS and National Geographic asking if they have it on the
>schedule at all... so far have rec'd a "we'll get back to you" form note
>TBS, and a more personal note from a Nat'l Geo Admin Assistant who can't
>me but is passing my request on to an appropriate staff member :-)
>"Ready" aka Karen Bratcher and Bender-boy
>Hayden ID

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