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Re[2]: itchy horse response <<<<<<<<<<<<

     Sorry that it took so long to get back to you about the STOP ITCH 
     product from Wendals.  My friend was in England at the time and I 
     couldn't get any info until she returned.  If you have specific 
     questions you could e-mail her at for the REAL 
     And, before I forget, the web site for Wendals is, and 
     the phone numbers for the USA are:
     TEL: 602 756 2333
     FAX: 602 756 1283
     We do not sell the product nor do we receive any other benefit for 
     promoting it.  It has simply helped our horses.
     John: Their WEB page has products for dogs.
     Wishing you ALL healthy and happy animals,
     Donna in Maryland

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Subject: Re: itchy horse response <<<<<<<<<<<<
Author: at Internet
Date:    10/15/98 9:23 PM

In a message dated 98-10-15 09:21:48 EDT, you write:
>      I want to respond to your post about the itchy horse because my friend 
>       has a horse that up until the last year he hasn't had a mane or tail
>       and I have seen him get down with all 4 legs spread out and proceed to 
>       try and scratch his belly.  It's an allergy to insect bites.
>       This year my friend discovered Wendells products and they have one
>       that is called Stop Itch.  It works and better yet it is all natural. 
>       It looks like powdered alfalfa, smells like a wonderful salad (lots of 
>       garlic) and there is no problem getting them to eat it.
>       If you want more info I will get the address and phone number for you. 
>       Good Luck,
>       Donna Almond
Hi Donna~
Thanks for your response.  Actually, this horse itches everywhere BUT his 
mane, tail & midline.  I found the solution to that one several years ago. 
And it is SO simple.  I put a fly mask on him during bug season.  A friend 
told me about this and I thought it would be worth a try.  The first year I 
saw a bit of improvement.  The second year it was as though he never had a 
problem with the mane, tail & midline itch.
This new problem involves itching on his legs, sides, rump (but not tail), 
chest, neck (but not mane), etc.    I tried huge amounts of garlic (a product 
called Bug Off) for several months with no improvement.  But I'm not opposed 
to trying another natural product.  If you could get me tha phone number I 
would give them a call.
~Nora & McKay

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