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Re: The great drug debate

Hello all,

Just to possibly muddy the waters further, or possibly clarify them, the
way the AERC rules are written they seem to be setting it up such that
any substance used to allow a horse to compete -beyond- what they would
without the substance, and so possibly harm themselves, is what is

Bute can block pain and so a horse will go faster/farther than without
it, most likely causing greater injury to the horse. CS and GAG's have
no pain blocking effect, do not allow the horse to go beyond their
abilities, they can (if the anecdotal evidence is correct) actually
extend the abilities of a horse to compete -without- increasing that
horse's chance of greater injury. (sort of the point of good management,
afterall) Any wormer is not going to have the sort of 'overcharge'
effect of an anaesthetic or a stimulant. I think that potential for
injury to the horse is the point of rule 13, and perhaps that might be
the best way to get a consistent perspective on the drug rules. 

Ann Marie Olson
<and 1 -pudgy- Morgan mare, that just someday might make a ride :) >

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