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Audubon Closing MASS trails

I caught an article in my latest Equine Athlete issue and was saddened and
horrified by what I read. For those of you in Massachussetts, and anyone else
who rides on land owned by or being acquied by the Audubon Society, BEWARE.
This organization has closed the trails on its 28,000 acres in the
Commonwealth to horses. They site the usual reasons - wear and tear - you know
that garbage. But get this! Much of the land has been acquired BY the Cociety
FROM Equestrian FAMILIES!!! Land donated by families with HORSES now would not
be able to RIDE their horses on THEIR FORMER LAND!  But hikers and bikers and
bird watchers can just soak it up!. It is advised that anyone considering
donating land to this (or in OUR opinion, ANY) group charged with protecting
and managing it, PLEASE check into it and make specific stipulations before
doing so. This is a royal rip-off in my book. Anyone wanting information can
call Mass Assoc. of Stable Owners, Operators and  Instructors at
(978)263-7165. Let's NOT be compacent on this kind of thing. Good luck to

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