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Re: Legal Remedies and Herbs

Come on ya'll.  Do you think Cosequin is donating a ton of money to
sponsor a ride for an organization that doesn't allow its use?  Do you
think they run full page adds with Valarie & Danielle...and that Becky
Hart was endorsing stuff that's illegal?

The idea is not to drug our horses and make them perform beyond their

Right now we're able to use Adequan...Legend...Flex-Free.  Why do you
want to mess with that?  Has anybody mentioned a problem with probiotics?
 Then why mess up a good thing by demanding that they TELL you "YES USE

Have you seen anyone dragged before the board and suspended for a year
because their horse had some dandelion in his system?  I just think this
is a slow day and you guys are making a mountain out of a mole-hill. 
What we've got now is working fine to my knowledge.  We didn't make this
rule to stop people from doing things that were good for their worming, electrolytes, etc. 

 I agree with the committee that trying to be Lawyer Specific on this
stuff is a Pandora's Box.  Hopefully endurance riders realize that
covering up a lameness short term and competing on it is bad in the long
run.  The rule wasn't made to make sure we didn't do our best to help our
horse be his best on a given day.

Angie & Kaboot  (who would be on Flex-Free if it was really Free!)

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