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Re: Legal Remedies and Herbs

It seems to me that given the almost infinite list of illegal substances and
the comparatively short list of legal substances, that a list of legal
substances would be in order. It might be that some currently banned
substances be considered for legalization. Currently a topical fungiside
would be illegal - should it be? Should dewormers be banned? Are there other
potential items that should be legal? To prevent controversial drugs from
being legalized, perhaps a 3/4 affirmative vote by the vet committee or some
similar mechanism could be required to legalize a substance. Since herbs are
something of drug cocktail, with not very good information about every drug
contained in the herb, I would think it unlikely any herbs would make the
approved list if one was adopted.

Duncan Fletcher

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Morris <>
To: <>; Joane White
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 7:12 AM
Subject: Re: Legal Remedies and Herbs

>Can't think of any words more plain, exact and to the point than how the
>Rule 13 of the AERC Rules and Regulations are worded.
>13. The integrity of Endurance Competition requires that the equine is not
>influenced by any drug, medication or veterinary treatment. Endurance
>equines must compete entirely on their natural ability.
>It is not possible to name all drugs and/or substances that can be fed,
>applied or injected. Your integrity is called upon as a sportsperson and
>competitor. Please refer to the very important words "EQUINES MUST COMPETE
>If you, and all other riders, do not agree with that clause then the true
>concept of endurance riding, as originally conceived, is mute. The sport
>then becomes a branch of the racing industry with all the unpleasant
>implications there-in.
>You questioned<<<< I know that the definition is vague but surely there is
>a list of real "no-no's" somewhere.  Any ideas?>>>>>
>ABILITY" anything other than that and you are fooling yourself that you are
>an endurance rider.
>Bob Morris
>Morris Endurance Enterprises
>Boise, ID
>> From: Joane White <>
>> To:
>> Subject: Legal Remedies and Herbs
>> Date: Sunday, December 27, 1998 6:57 AM
>> Since many of us are using herbs and homeopathic remedies for the horses,
>> where can we find a list of banned substances.  I've asked a couple of
>> and received several different answers about specific substances but no
>> list.  I know that the definition is vague but surely there is a list of
>> real "no-no's" somewhere.  Any ideas?
>> Joane and the Herd
>> Price, Utah

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