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Re: Legal Remedies and Herbs

Robert Morris wrote:

> Can't think of any words more plain, exact and to the point than how the
> Rule 13 of the AERC Rules and Regulations are worded.

Yes, plain, exact, to the point, and leaving a lot of areas for question in my
mind.  I BELIEVE in this rule, but I think we need some help understanding
where some "gray" substances fall.  There are new products that straddle the
line between performance enhancement and nutrition.  Would I ride a nerved
horse, or one on Bute?  NO!  Never!  Would I use ProBiotics?  Yes.  Would I
compete on Flex Free - I'm not sure.  At this point, the horse stops all
supplements (even extra Biotin) for 3 weeks prior to a ride.

> 13. The integrity of Endurance Competition requires that the equine is not
> influenced by any drug, medication or veterinary treatment. Endurance
> equines must compete entirely on their natural ability.

Tell me where cosequin/flex free, etc. fall.  Nutrition, drugs?  What is the
difference between a "drug" and a "medication"?  I'm not trying to be smart
here - I really want to know what went through the minds of the committee when
they differentiate between the two.  It may help to clear up some of my

How about proBiotics that folks are starting to use?  Yes they are naturally
occurring in the horse (ie the gut flora) but they are give in large quantities
compared to what the horse would normally ingest.  The horse will not die
without them, <but their performance will be enhanced>.  Are these banned?
Acceptance seems to be widespread for ProBiotics.

These are the areas that need clarification to me.  I'm interested in comments
and guidance.

Linda Flemmer

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