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kids at rides

By all means bring your children, husbands and babysitters to the rides.
As a grandmother of eight, with a ten year old granddaughter that rides
endurance, my campsite is frequently full of children. Many of the other
riders bring their children. The nice thing is that the kids find each
other, establish new friendships, and everyone has fun. This sport is a
family oriented sport, and children are welcome. My  six year old twin
grandsons have a ball, my other grandchildren love when they can "camp
out" with Granny, and are developing an enjoyment of horses and a desire
to be involved in " 'durance" riding. The children who don't ride look
forward to seeing their new friend. The children who ride as juniors
enjoy their friendships, just like we enjoy seeing out endurance riding
friends. The socializing is just as important to me as the riding.

Lucie (SE region)  Tamar Starofdavid, and HH Trinity(waiting for his
first ride)with Christi Johnson and Bukkura

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