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Re: Another uveitis post

In a message dated 10/21/98 3:58:12 PM Central Daylight Time,

<< When real cures are not available, I really was upset by the
 gist of this post. It sounded like someone should not use cyclosporin because
 it upsets the immune response in the eye, and that is not good. Well, maybe a point. Uveitis is the body acting as if the eye is a foreign
 material. The immune system tries to kill the invader. >>


I think what Kim was trying to say here, is that the ENTIRE BODY'S IMMUNE
SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED!!!  Not just the eye.  IMHO I also think that uveitis is
also parasite related (don't throw anything at me :-)))))))  Just my opinion. 

Candy Mercer

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